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My name is Sally and I am the founder of S&L Safe Cut Kits®.

My journey began when my youngest daughter started self harming, at just 11 years old. She was still in primary school. It was one of the hardest things I have had to deal with as a parent. Something I had never really heard of before and something I definitely didn’t think would become so prominent in our lives

    My Story

    A Family Support Professional began working with us as a family. She recommended we put together a ‘Safe Cut Kit’, but with all the trauma and anxiety, I just didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know what would be needed within the kit, and was too emotional to think rationally about it.

    Searching the internet drew a blank, and I soon discovered there wasn’t anything suitable or relevant for my daughter’s needs. I just wanted a kit specifically for those affected by self harm.

    Fast forward a few years, I realised there must be other parents and care givers who are in the exact same position as I was. Trying to navigate their way around their self harm journey, going through all the same fears and emotions.

    Helping other Families

    I decided I would start up a small business, which I run from my home, putting together kits, specifically designed to support the needs of individuals affected by self harm.

    Primarily my kits are designed to promote the delay and replace strategy, for safer, alternative methods of self harm, with items to encourage this. The alternative methods create the same feelings but without the risk that come with an injury. The contents include elastic bands to flick on skin, ice cube moulds to melt in the hand or rub on skin, red ink pen to draw mock wounds, a motivational journal with pencil to write down thoughts and feelings, and a stress ball for relaxation and regulation. The kits sterile first aid supplies are carefully chosen for cutting style wounds. Also enclosed is an illustrated, easy to follow guide, on how to use the safe methods, how to tend to wounds and emergency telephone numbers. Research suggests having a kit lowers the need for self injury and lowers the harm rate drastically.


    Self-harm is far more common than people tend to think. Data shows cases are rising in young people and men in their 30's. It can affect anyone, at anytime. Statistics report that 17% of people will self harm, at some point, during their lifetime. Putting that into context, in a class of 30 children, 5 of them will self harm. That is an awful reality, and so many will hide what they are doing, due to the stigma surrounding self harm, and it can go unnoticed. This increases the risk of infection and scarring.

    My aim is to get my kits out to individuals who need them, talk openly and honestly about self harm and share my experience, as a mum, to support others. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope it can be useful for anyone struggling with the effects of self harm. You are not alone.

    Sally x

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    Please get in touch if you have any questions about my story or my kits.

    07496 166095

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